English-Japanese Bilingual

We are a group of professional musicians, vocalists, lyricists, actors, narrators, translators, interpreters and MCs that are English-Japanese Bilingual. 日本語・英語バイリンガルのミュージシャン、作詞家、声優、ナレーター、翻訳家、通訳家が在籍。

Vocal & Lyrics

We sing and write in Japanese, English or even Coined - We don't just translate the lyrics; we make it sound perfect as a song. We have professional vocalists but we can sing for your demo as well. 日本語、英語、造語での歌唱、作詞が可能。歌詞をただ翻訳するのみではなく、歌として成立する形で仕上げます。本歌歌唱はもちろん、仮歌、発音指導も可能です。


Add subtitles to your movie - We can send you a voice over data according to the movie too if you wish. 英語、日本語音声の動画の字幕制作、吹替台本制作が可能。吹替音声、ボイスオーバーが必要な場合はあわせて納品が可能です。

How it Works

Contact us for more. 納品から打ち合わせまで、すべてオンラインで対応可能。コードやHTMLソース、CMS Stringsなどの翻訳も可能です。支払いはPayPalでも受付可能。詳しくは「Contact us」まで。

Deliver Online

Meetings and delivering data - everything can be done online if you wish.

Assigning The Talent

We have a variety of artists. We'll assign the right person for your project.

Video Game Translation

Translating texts with codes? No problem! We have worked with video games, HTML sources and CMS strings.


We accept PayPal. Do not worry if you do not have a Japanese bank account.


Here are our latest works.